Brand philosophy

propheten - The first global Sharety Brand - Sharing makes happiness.

propheten was founded in 1996 as a work of art and communication by the Frankfurt-based artist Mike Kuhlmann. In the beginning Mike Kuhlmann designed together with artists and children around the world propheten art and communication.  

This period evolved more than 10,000 art works, which migrate in temporary exhibitions and events since then (Frankfurt, Berlin, Ankara, Belgrade, Karlsruhe, Phuket ...) around the world and are constantly expanding. Center of the exhibition is the fascination of "the child" as global and worldwide connective and understandable symbol of truth, beauty, love and future. This is the reason why propheten carries the image of a children's head in it's logo.

Since 2000, propheten® evolved into the first global Sharety brand. The brand is based on the philosophy of productive sharing (Sharety) - the basis of all life and social interaction. There followed an intense preoccupation with the issue. The philosophy was formulated (Spirit of Sharety) and with the practical guide to action (Welcome to the Good Economy / Good Economy / SharetyBrands) connected and published.

At the same time propheten® supported and founded numerous NGOs and initiatives. Below are some examples:

  • Together with the students of the Helene-Lange school in Wiesbaden, the helping project "Children of Bhandar" was expanded so that over 7000 children in 35 schools receive primary education today.
  • Together with Stefanie Graf's "Children for Tomorrow" helping organization, treatment centers for traumatized children in Uganda and integrative kindergardens in Eritrea were built and operated.
  • "Orange Babies" and propheten® started an orphanage for AIDS orphans in Namibia.
  • After the Tsunami in 2004 propheten® expanded six public schools into International Learning Center (ILS) in Thailand. Today over 5000 children achieve a vastly improved education (promotion of computer literarcy, English classes and Gardening).
  • In 2007 propheten® and Mike Kuhlmann initiated the kinderweltenSharetyAward to honor the most social students in Germany.
  • In 2009 propheten® supported the visit of the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt. "Artists for Dalai Lama", a union of different artists including propheten®, was founded who initiated a peace concert in Frankfurt's stadium. Within this cooperation, the two helping organisations "Karuna Samadhi" and "Chance to grow" were founded.

For more information concerning the helping projects click here.

Since 2009 propheten® started after various tests, the first licenses. All propheten® products or services are provided with a pre SharetyFee. This SharetyFee supports the work of selected helping organizations and thus refines the product.

  • propheten® established the first Sharety fashion collection and links aid projects with fairtrade and sophiscticated fashion.
  • propheten® automotive started with the propheten®MINI the first car, that allows children to learn, read and write
  • propheten® initiated with GoboChia the first VeggySharetyBrand and therewith promotes vegetarian LifeStyle which shares with children in need.
  • propheten® bycicles and propheten® healthcare are planned for 2012.