Project Description

On 27th December 2004 the help organisation children of phuket was founded.  Jointly propheten, Peter Fischer (Eintracht, president) and Daniel Meury (The Chedi Hotel, manager) appealed to start rebuilding.

Friends, families, fans, companies and volunteers joined up, collected and produced more than 250,000 Euros.  Under the guidance of Mike Kuhlmann an immediate aid on the ground was started.  In the emergence bearing of KhaoLak children of phuket helped where they could, took care of the flood victims, allocated consumer loans to Chedi employees, their families and friends, as well as supported the reopening of schools in the destroyed in Kamala a village at the coast.

Collectively with children, parents, teachers, the District Administration and Thailand's Ministry of Education children of phuket decided and planned the construction of 6 ILCs.  They embark the target to expand the educational opportunities in order to make the schools the centre of knowledge and culture of each borough. Coaching&Questions, English for everybody, creativity, Sport&Meditation, economic fundamentals as well as computers and internet knowledge will be communicated in the ILCs. In August 2006 the first ILC-Public School was opened. By now 5 are built as well as up and running.  The 6th is currently under construction.

children of phuket also focuses to work with traumatised children.  Support was received through Stefanie Graf and her organisation Children for Tomorrow that specialised on this subject. Together with the Ministry of Education, schools, boroughs and affected children "Malen mit Kindern" (painting with children) was organised.  That way the children were offered a way to express themselves.  In line with this activity more than 1,000 children created the longest „Kinderbild" which is 200 meters long on the beach of Patong: Memorial and Sign of Hope.  As part of the effort all teachers are now being trained by specialists in order to enable them supporting traumatised children.

Together with the Ministry of Education the District Administration suggested children of phuket to the Thai Royal family for one of the highest awards in order to appreciate the quality of the exemplary work.  In summer 2006 children of phuket was awarded by the Thai Royal family.