Help spread the idea of Sharety!
                  Do good and talk about it.

propheten encourages helping others help themselves by living and spreading the philosophy of sharing and thereby supports people to live a fulfilling life: e.g.  in Haiti and in Nepal. Through the various communication projects/activities/initiatives by propheten, the commitment of many individuals is focused in order to achieve more together.

Background philosophy of these various propheten projects/activities etc. is Sharety -  the symbiosis of sharing and caring. propheten aims to spread this thought all over the world and most of all to implement it in any action taken. How Sharety can be lived and integrated in all day life, can be learned by dealing more intensely with the propheten activities. Each of us can share...

These are the World Sharety Projects of propheten.
Especially you can help... by spreading the good... and by sharing...

  • The World Sharety Day is taking place on the 16th of October each year. A day on which propheten wants to motivate people to share and to make a difference. Do you also want to share? Just pick a social organization with which you want to share and talk about it. We would love to post what you want to share and communicate this good deed.
  • FRANKFURT TEILT (:)  is an initiative that takes place each October every year. Frankfurt then develops into the city that shares and the role model of Sharety. For one month, Frankfurt's citizens („we share partner") help people in need by sharing their revenue, time, and/or ideas with a social organization („we care partner"). Over 100 stores, companies, initiatives and individuals shared already. Best of all - there are no boundaries to your creativity of sharing, thus, a restaurant for example can offer a Sharety-meal throught the month October and give a part of it's monthly revenue to the chosen aid organization. Do you also want to become a partner? For more information concerning what activities there are, who is participating in it and how Frankfurt's citizens can take part in it , follow the link to our FRANKFURT TEILT (:) website or join us on facebook.
    We are pleased to announce that two dynamic guys from Hamburg launched HAMBURG TEILT (:) in May 2011. It is the first city that follows the role model Frankfurt. For more information click or/and take a look on the facebook page.
    Do you support this initiative and would you love to bring it to your city? Then simply contact us.
  • Thanks - the good news. propheten shares good deeds and good news via the happiest website of the world - thanks! Positive news from all over the world that change something are posted to cherish and as a way to say thank you. Examples are for examples: a company that creates new jobs, a music band that provides development aid, or a crime is uncovered,etc. We inform you about heroic deeds of everyday life. We love to talk about good Similarly, there is also the happiest magazine of the world - thanks! Take a look at it here.